Welcome to the home of Buck Foley, the internationally renowned motivational speaker who lives in a van down by the river! This site is currently being developed while Buck is busy coming up with new multi-level marketing schemes and working carnivals on the weekends. Buck recently performed in Las Vegas and is busy motivating people around the globe to put their rear in gear! Buck is available to motivate your company or organization. To book Buck for a show, please contact buckfoley@buckfoley.com.



Check out my new Facebook page here: https://www.facebook.com/comedianbuckfoley. Stop by, click "Like", or you may find as you go through this life that you're not going to amount to Jack Squat! Check out all my recent pictures and videos on the FB page because I rarely update this piece o crap web site anymore!

Feel free to contact Buck at buckfoley@buckfoley.com to book an event. Just look at some recent glowing reviews:

    "That entire 30 minutes was better than I could have ever imagined it. You made the entertainment meaningful and loosened everyone up a little bit. AWESOME!!!! I want to thank you for coming and doing that for us." - Brian Peters, St. Vincent's Hospital

"Dude, you are so funny. I have glowing recommendations for you." - Tony Scelzo, Rainmakers

"Although the odor lingered for a while, it was wonderfully received." - Christopher Lupton, InfoDynamics

"My God, you're going to have a heart attack doing that!" - my half step-mom

"I don't remember giving you permission to use my clothes..." - my uncle dad

   BUCK FOLEY LOVES THE INDIANAPOLIS COLTS! See how good Dallas Clark looks standing next to me?
Microsoft    HOLY GEEKSQUAD! Buck Foley has done many recent shows for the likes of Microsoft, IBM, Lilly, Roche, and many, many more geek fests! It seems that Buck has acquired quite a bit of technical knowledge over the years and has been able to impart his expertise upon geekdom all over the earth. Buck was recently featured in many MSDN (Microsoft Developer Network) blog entries from people who either got to witness Buck in person or were unfortunate enough to be within shouting (or spitting) distance of Buck while doing a gig.

Check out the following videos courtesy of Microsoftie Dave Bost: Watch part 1 and part 2. Enjoy!

   Buck Foley, Real Estate Agent Extraordinaire! Buck Foley recently completed filming "Buck Foley, Real Estate Agent Extraordinaire" for an Indianapolis-based realty group named HomeVisors. Filmed at a large mansion in Carmel, Indiana, the trailer features hilarious clips of Buck Foley attempting to appease potential home buyers and sellers into his way of buying and selling houses. Unfortunately, as you can imagine, Buck does not have the customer in mind, but rather himself and his own agenda.

Watch version #1 here and version #2 here. Please forward this to all your friends!

   Holy Schnikes! Buck Foley has been chosen by Chalkies in Indianapolis to be their official spokesperson! Now anyone choosing to go to Chalkies to eat, drink, and play pool can get themselves motivated by the one and only Buck Foley! Buck has teamed up with Chalkies on several occasions to bring you the finest entertainment and Buck has been a featured guest on The Drive with JMV, the Tony Bruno Show, Dog and Zup with the Pre-game Scoop, and many others.

Check out my latest commercials for Chalkies (click on the links to listen): Sample 1  Sample 2  Sample 3 Sample 4 Sample 5 Sample 6

   Talk about an oxymoron! Buck Foley is not bionic, far from a genius, and has never participated in a "roundtable discussion", and yet Buck was recently interviewed by podcasters extraordinaire The Bionic Genius Roundtable in an episode entitled "The Buck Stops Here". You can get directly to the podcast page by clicking here. Be sure to  check out the Bionic Genius site periodically for more great interviews with organizations and people such as JibJab, Drew Carey, boingboing.net, Steve Burns, The Trachtenburg Family Slideshow Players, Wing (Buck Foley's FAVORITE singer), Tony Danza and more, more, more. Check it out!

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Ladies! By your special request, here is a photo of me taken at the Las Vegas convention center. Not a pretty picture, is it? Well, maybe I'm not "the norm"; I'm not "camera friendly"; I don't "fit the part" - I'm not "buff" or "svelte". Maybe you're looking for someone who doesn't "frighten little children" or "make people uncomfortable". Maybe you'd like to have a perfect Ken doll with a good personality instead of someone who doesn't "have good personal hygiene", someone who "owns a toothbrush" and "flosses regularly". Perhaps you'd rather have someone who doesn't "sweat profusely" or "wear clothes that reek". Well, lah tee frickin' dah! Perhaps you'd have better luck giving Chuck Woolery and the Love Connection folks a ring; however, if you're content with someone who "doesn't make eye contact", "isn't likable", and "doesn't wear clothes that fit", then shoot me an email. Otherwise, you may find as you go through this life that you're not going to amount to JACK SQUAT!


Colts Fans! Buck Foley has been hired by theIndianapolis Colts to motivate the Colts fans before every home game! Move over cheerleaders, Buck Foley is here to help pump the fans up and get Crunk!!! Check out the choice pic here from a recent "foto opp" at a rally in Muncie, IN before the Colts/Vikings Monday Night Football game. Yes, I am a certified babe magnet and yes, the women can't get enough of me. I guess it's true what they say - the ugliest guys DO get the prettiest women! While you're admiring my photo, why not gander on over to the the WRTV Channel 6 site and check out avideo of me pumping up the fans! Also, check out this othervideo showing me motivating Dan Canan, the mayor of Muncie. If the Colts make it all the way to the Super Bowl, they have agreed to have me perform at halftime. Evidently they would like to bring a new meaning to the term "wardrobe malfunction"


LAH TEE FRICKIN DAH! Check out recent videos of Buck at some local unlucky establishments. NOTE: Most of these links are broken. Don't like that? Well LAH TEE FRICKIN DAH! Go to my Facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/comedianbuckfoley so you can see my ugliness!

Watch as Buck motivates hundreds of unlucky spectators during the October 2004 Rainmakers event. To see more clips of this event, surf on over to the Motivational Comedy Team's web site.
     Watch as Buck Foley presents his "Top 10 Customer Service Tips" that he has learned from many years of working up the ladder of numerous MLM schemes and by working carnival rides on weekends.
  Watch as Buck Foley motivates some car salespeople to use his "CRAMMIT", "WAMMIT", and "JAMMIT" methods of cramming tons of information into the "Noggin". This infomercial was filmed for the Indianapolis-based Autobase, Inc. in December of 2003.
Watch the now infamous "HomeVisors" clip, as Buck Foley takes a turn as a real estate agent. Could you imagine what would happen if Buck was to try to buy or sell a home? What if Buck was your real estate agent? How would he act while trying to buy or sell you a home? Click on the image at the left to view the commercial.
  Here is another clip from the same Rainmakers event. Listen as Lisa describes what it takes to conceive it, believe it, and achieve it! For more clips like this one, go see the Motivational Comedy Team's site.
  Watch as Buck performs live on Channel 8 with Dick Wolfsie, Duke Tumato and Rachael Noble, helping put together a special version of Colt's anthem "Rise of the Blue Nation" while raising money for victims of the tsunami disaster.
  Buck Foley has held no less than 48 jobs in the past two years (one in each continental US state). Unfortunately, Buck's skills in motivation rarely come in handy in the REAL workplaces of the word. In this clip, Buck gets frustrated as he tries to deliver the "Gold" master CD for a CRM company.
  Watch Buck motivate some Colts fans in Muncie, Indiana in preparation for the Colts Monday Night Football game against the Minnesota Vikings.

  IN MEMORY OF THE LATE GREAT CHRIS FARLEY... Many of you might be thinking, "hey, isn't that guy Matt Foley?"; Well, no. Matt was my second cousin thrice removed. We were separated at girth. Yes, we look and sound similar, but Matt was shorter and heaver than I. But seriously, Chris was (obviously) a great inspiration to me and his life ended way too quickly. Despite appearances, Buck Foley fully endorses and follows a drug-free lifestyle and actively promotes anti-drug messages to youth everywhere. Buck fully believes in the cause of the Chris Farley Foundation and I encourage anyone who enjoyed the humor Chris left us to make a donation to the foundation at the following web site: http://www.myspace.com/chrisfarleyfoundation.

Buck Foley is a member of the foundation and donates a portion of proceeds to the cause. If you have benefited from being motivated, please do likewise. 

  See the clip that started it all. Chris Farley, Phil Hartman, Julia Sweeney, David Spade and Christina Applegate. The first and best of all Matt Foley clips. A classic. David and Christina start to lose it, but like John Belushi, Chris knows the "seriousness" of staying in character and he maintains composure. That's part of the challenge of doing great physical comedy - you have to be able to crack everyone else up while not cracking yourself up. In essence, you have to become the character you portray and see the world through their eyes. Both John and Chris were masters of that art. R.I.P., my friend. You can view the clip here.

Also check out my photo pages numero uno and doso. Yes, I was the featured centerfold model for last month's BGQ (Beer Gut Quarterly) Magazine.

If you find yourself needing some motivation, please don't hesitate to send an email to buck@buckfoley.com or send postal mail to:

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